About Us

We, as Eurosmed Medical Family, are a company aiming to grow up healthily, and to offer any products and services at the universal quality and standards together with our blue and white collar workers in the health sector with which we are dealing for many years. Our main objective is to be a symbol of trustworthiness, sustainability and prestige for our country, customers and partners.

Accordingly we can list our targets and principles as follows:

  • Our first priority for the health sector is to create value, and to meet any expectations in this sector consistently and fervently. Our duty is to look after our products, and to support our customers after sales of our products as well.
  • "To be the best forever" is our indispensible target.
  • Our main target is to be the best in our quality and service as well as in our relationships with our partners and dealers, and to protect this imagination and prestige of ours created in the public mood. In order to reach this target, our fundamental principle is to undertake the management in the fields where we have been dealing with, and to become a leading company in this market.
  • Our most important equity is the human resources.
  • The quality of our products and services start with the quality of our employees. To attract and recruit the best staffed and adult human power to our Group, to provide the utmost benefit from our human talents, strength and creativity; To increase their productivity, to allow them to develop and to create a working environment where business associations and mentors are blessed.
  • To comply with the superior work ethic, and with the principles of working straightforwardly is one of our indispensible principles.
  • Another significant principle of ours is to fairly act with good intention and understanding, and to comply with ant relevant laws and ethical rules with the aim to gain mutual interests.
  • And another significant principle is to fulfill our responsibilities to to-day’s people and next generations, the leadership of which we are, and from which we cannot give up.



    Our company will participate in the Efort Congress held in Vienna between 31 May - 02 June 2017 this year.


    Our company will participate in EXPOMED 2016 INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL EXHIBITION, to be held between 24.03.2016-27.03.2016. Stand: 6 / 601A TUYAP FAIR HALL BEYLİKDÜZÜ / İSTANBUL

  • 23rd National Neonatology Congress

    Our company attended the National Neonatology Congress which was held in the Sheraton Hotel between the dates of 19-22 April 2015, this year 23rd.